Short but Sweet Culture Week

images-1Cold weather just makes me want to sleep or move to the South Pacific so my Cultural life was slow but good this week.

One of the best parts of the week was Tuesday night’s San Fermin concert at The Southern in Charlottesville.  The eight piece band, headed by Yaley, Ellis Ludwig-Leone, a genius composer who writes all the music for the band, is totally something new.  They are smart.  They are trained really good musicians.  They are nice.  They are my new fav up-and -coming band.  Check  them out I drank Va Cider and stayed out too late for a Tuesday and suffered for the next couple of days just being plain tired but it was worth it.

I was lucky enough to have 2 lunches out this week.  One at Tara Thai and the other at Taste of India on the downtown mall in Cville.  Tara Thai is a chain but good.  Taste of India was lacking in spice thus disappointing to me but my lunch company, Hawes Spencer, was delightful as always and had me laughing from Masala to my scoop of fennel and candy bits.

Saturday afternoon it was back to The Southern for a WNRN Member event featuring Ha Ha Tonka, five scruffy bluegrass based rock musicians who played a nice set of tunes to perk up a cold late autumn day. Then home to cook dinner for my daughter and prepare for a Richmond road trip to see the very gay holiday play, IT’S A FABULOUS LIFE at Richmond Triangle Players.  Yes, it is a take on the Capra Classic, IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, but this version is complete with drag queens, hot men in thongs and two of my favorite people/actors, that ADORABLE Chris Hester and Charlottesville powerhouse, Doug Schneider. I went with my friend, Deb, and ate beforehand at Con Su Bucco(is that correct?).  I feel totally stupid that I can’t remember the name exactly but it is in that goofy triangle in the middle of the Boulevard in the building that used to be a porno shop near the old Bill’s Barbecue.  Anyway… It is fabulous and I ate three tacos, chorizo, fish and pulled pork plus quac and loads of chips.  I ate way too much and the chips are from flour tortillas so I felt horrible at the show but it was so fun I forgot about it most of the time.

Ice squelched any desire I had to do anything on Sunday so I cooked, baked and ate a lot of really good food including an almond cake that lasted about an hour between my teenager and myself.

Stay safe and warm until next week!

And remember, Hamaganza – the final show ever- is next weekend in Richmond.  come Saturday night to Lulu’s for the best version.


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