Between Barack and a Hard Place

In an effort to encourage black audiences to attend theatrical performances and be involved in larger theater community, Leslie M. Baskfield  and company decided to create a theatre company.  Thus Melanin was born two years ago in collaboration with Live Arts in Charlottesville.
As part of their mission to offer diversity in content, this weekend they are performing  Between Barack and a Hard Place with two shows nightly. The show’s format is a free style rap debate in between comedic performances. “We thought it would be really a cool thing to explore the different ways the black community thinks about Barack,” says Baskfield.
This is the first time Melanin has tried this format which is part of the coloring the box series. It will include getting ideas from the audience before each show to offer up food for the rappers to create politically slanted rap on the spot. ” The audience will ask questoins like they would any candidate in a politcal debate and hopefully, funny, spontaneous raps will come from them,” says Baskfield, who drove down from her new home in Maryland to be part of the show. “The idea is to put  something that would not be normally on a theatre stage to see what happens,” she says. The show features Sean Lewis aka The Hip Hop President debating Sen. John Childress of Charlottesville in a freestyle rap battle, as well as stand-up from comedians Bill Metzger and Joseph Shea. (JJ)

The details:
MELANIN presents Between Barack and a Hard Place
Friday, August 24 & Saturday, August 25 at LIVE ARTS in Charlottesville
Shows each night at 8pm & 9:15pm
Tickets $10, available at the door
More on the website, as always:





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