Shining at the Mill: a review of Bright Star



I love it that artists often venture into mediums outside of their typical schtick. Being an artist is a license to play. Being a successful artist means that you can capitalize on your fame and the stuff you play at can go big. Like when Madonna decided to write children’s books or when Lady Gaga decided she wanted to be an actress in a movie. These artists got to go big with their little projects because of who they are regardless of their artistic merits. Had they been regular unknown artists their projects may never have come to fruition – regardless of their merits.

Bright Star is the perfect example of this. Two famous artists, Edie Brickell and Steve Martin, created this musical and so it went to Broadway… regardless of its artistic merits.

Swift Creek Mills’ production of Bright Star is excellent!

Everything is in place here in terms of theatrical elements and talent. Grey Garrett is a wonderful Alice Murphy, acting and singing up a strong female role in a satisfying way. Her love interest, Jimmy Ray Dobbs played by Jim Morgan is also great, as are the other pair of sweethearts, Margo, played by Olivia Mullins and Billy Cane, played by Ian Page. The supporting cast is also wonderful; dancing, singing and acting up a storm worthy of a hot summer night.

I just didn’t care for the play itself.  The plot is painfully predictable. The music is fine but sometimes extraneous in terms of moving along the plot although it is beautifully performed by the cast.

Full disclosure: blue grass is not my cup of moonshine but I was entertained and glad I saw the show despite its issues.

If you like blue grass, a good production or fabulous performances you will like this show.

For more information click here.


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