The Don’ts of Writing a Bucket List

Every year around this time, I set aside a day or so to be alone and work on my goals for the year and beyond- a bucket list of sorts. But for me it is important to take this exercise a little further than a simple list. Visuals are important to help make my goals and dreams come true and visuals that I can look at every day are even better. So I make a “visioning book” instead using a small notebook and pictures cut out from magazines or printed off the internet. Using this technique allows me to journal about my bucket list items AND have consistent visuals to help reinforce them in my brain which provides detail which helps keep me focused. The small size of the notebook makes it portable so it can go with me on my travels. I can also easily add things to the notebook and use any extra pages for daily gratitude lists and/or stories about how my dreams actuated.
Weather you decide to create a list, poster or notebook or nothing at all, I hope you have the chance to realize at least one dream in 2015!
Happy New Year!!


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