January Quiet Settles In

It has been a quiet week at Lake Wobegon… uh, I mean in the world of The Culture Maven.  I have been focusing on work and preparing for my first cross country skiing experience coming up in mid-February so the outside activities have been leveled to a minimum.  What I have been doing is building up my cardio ability and strength in the gym via weight training and the elliptical machine.  Though it is super cliche to hit the gym in January, and indeed it is my least favorite time to go due to the crowds of New Years Resolutionists combined with all the cyclists and runners who are usually outside doing stuff in better weather- it is just a crowd and as a rule I dislike crowds.  Anyway, I use the cute little gym in my apartment complex which has a steady stream of patrons but is never crowded making it a much more pleasant experience.  Where was I going with all this?  Oh right, Why am I in the gym in January….so I have signed up to attend a four day weekend of yoga and cross country ski lessons at Kripalu in February in celebration of my birthday and to check off a bucket list item (learning to cross country ski).  Since I was sick or recovering from illness in December, and I have really slacked on the aerobic exercise thing for quite some time, I thought it would be a good idea to build up some cardio capability before attempting to basically run on skis up and down hills through the snow.  Is that a cultural thing worthy of mention in an Arts and Culture blog?  Well,  in our culture, yes.  So there.

Anyway,  I also went to Bachata night at club M&M which is great exercise in winter as Latin dancing will warm up a body pretty gosh darned quickly – and it it FUN!

On Saturday night, following a day of writing, I was a happy guest at the WNRN Winter Party held at The Blue Moon Diner on Main Street in Charlottesville.  It was the first time I met several of the volunteer “Jocks” and the food was fantastic.  I highly recommend the chicken curry which I wish I had demanded buckets of to take home to eat for the week it was sooooo good.

Have a great week and maybe I will have more interesting things to report next Monday.


The Culture Maven

Here is a picture of me eating an olive off of a wonderful creation by The Blue Moon Diner.

Photo by the talented  Rich Tarbell

Photo by the talented
Rich Tarbell


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