Local Road Tripping

I thought it had been a quiet week but when I checked my calendar to write this blog I realized why I am so behind on the book project.

But first, I must share that the Charlottesville location of Pearl’s Bake Shoppe has made three glorious additions to its gluten free menu: 1. sweet potato biscuits with real Virginia ham and …2. pumpkin doughnuts and apple cider doughnuts – these are cakey, tasty treats that I could eat every day. The apple cider doughnuts are particularly welcomed because Carter Mountain Orchard has really good glutenous apple cider doughnuts and now those of us who reject gluten can eat apple cider doughnuts with some level of abandon at Pearl’s.

Other than an update on deliciousness at Pearl’s, the only thing to write about before Friday is my lunch at the The Daily Kitchen on Wednesday while in Richmond on business for WNRN.  Yes, it looks as though it is my new Richmond fav but on the  pain of being boring I may have to take a break from TDK and try somewhere else when next in RVA.  My lunch of a vegetable panini was scrumptious but the side order of brussels sprouts upstaged the yummy sandwich to become the star of the afternoon.  Slightly crisp on the outside while slightly tender on the inside these mini-cabages come swimming in a sauce that reminds me of the stuff served with Vietnamese spring rolls – sort of yellow with flecks of hot red pepper, you know the one.  Anyway… that sauce sets of the tartness of the sprouts perfectly and seriously, I could eat a pound of them for lunch all by themselves.

On Friday morning I ventured to Staunton to see ROMEO AND JULIET at the American Shakespeare Center.  Well, I say I went to see the play but that is only partly true.  I went to see Gregory Jon Phelps play Mercutio as I had it from a reliable source that his performance was worth the effort.  And it was.  Mr. Phelps is blossoming into a great actor and he and the ever hilarious Benjamin Curns, who plays Juliet’s Nurse, mop up the stage!  In fact I wish I had left after Mercutio’s death as the play is mostly spent on Romeo and Juliet following which proved anti-climactic – not so good in a tragedy – but all teenagers should see this play.

Friday night was a Kizumba lesson taught by Edwin Roa at The Dance Spot.  I had never tried kizumba before and had a little trouble understanding the timing at first but Edwin is such a great teacher, I think I got it after a short while. The Latin-American theme continued through the evening at Firefish Gallery which was hosting a Dias de les Muertes Party for First Fridays Art Walk.  The fabulous Sigrid, Mistress of Firefish, served skull cookies and encouraged patrons to dress up for the occasion.  She leant me a fantastic lion mask she made and at the end of the evening we all marched through the streets to Bon following Chicho Lorenzo carrying a very large paper mache skull lit with glow sticks.  It was all great fun but BREAKING BAD was calling me and by 9:00pm I was in my jammies taking in three more episodes putting me at S:3, E9.

There is nothing like leaning on a whitewashed fence rail on a splendid autumn day in a fabulous hat watching horses fly over boxwood jumps- which is exactly what I did on Saturday at the Montpelier Races.  My dear friend, Howell Taylor, included me on his guest list to indulge in fine food and wine and good company on the rail at the last turn of the steeplechase course. It was a perfect day, warm sunny for the most part with the leaves on the surrounding forrest of trees ever so slightly on the back end of their peak colors. Howell then hosted a chili dinner and bonfire party on his beautiful farm.  A good time was had by all.  Of course I was home by 10:30 and squeezed in one episode of BB before hitting the hay.












Fox at Montpelier Races

Staunton called me back on Sunday for a breakfast burrito (with sausage from Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farms – YUM!) at Cranberries and another show at ASC, this time to enjoy another Phelps performance (and pecks) as Troilus in TROILUS AND CRESSIDA. This time John Harrell came to the forefront in performance as Pandarus with Phelps again commanding the stage.  The play ends weirdly though leaving several loose ends which may explain its failure to be often produced.

Tonight my daughter and I will be plotting our course for the Virginia Film Festival next weekend, creating a schedule to best meet our film viewing needs including seeing her film screening at the Lighthouse showings on Saturday morning.

Take care, have a great week and get out there and get cultured, ya’ll.









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