The Culture Maven experiences a different kind of Culture

OMG it has happened.  I have taken the leap and become an addict- not of drugs but of THE show about drugs.  Oh all you white (see Honest Trailer’s Breaking Bad for this reference- if you like the show you will laugh yourself silly) people out there know what I am taking about…



I know I am on the back end of that trend but like all those poor junkies on the show and Walt himself in his growing need for excitement and power, I am hooked.  And also like junkies of all kinds, I have sacrificed all other things to enjoy my addiction of choice.  So this past week I wallowed in the culture of BReaking BAd and did nothing remotely cultural with the exception of lunch at The Daily Kitchen in Richmond (The BLT is truly fabulous, Yo.) which is proving to be another addiction all by itself since I have been there twice in 8 days and I live an hour’s drive away AND attended a friend’s dance party and potluck (The latter seemingly the only way people have parties in Charlottesville so in my book it counts as a cultural thing.  I adore my friends and am grateful to be invited anywhere but this potluck thing gets old pretty fast.  Why is it that Charlottesvillians have some aversion to supplying food to their guests? The laid back no fuss attitude perhaps?).

I watched 4 episodes on Friday night alone and one more last night while my daughter was at her Martial Arts lesson bringing me into the first E1: S3.  I think, though, that I am starting to “get” fellow Richmond native, Vince Gilligan’s storytelling sense and am less surprised by things that happen in the script but perhaps he will keep surprising me like with the airplane crash.


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