Cupcakes and Red Ribbons: last weeks area A&C adventures

This week was a fun because I got to do some of the things I love best while helping out two important area nonprofits and ate at a fantastic Charlottesville standard.

The week started out with me turning in a story to ART TIMES JOURNAL about Tibetan Music, the first of what I foresee as many stories related to my summer trip to Tibet.  Local Tibetan expert and IT guru, Dan Haig, helped tremendously and is quoted a time or two in the piece.

Then my focus went to WNRN, the local independent music station that indulges me in writing and recording a weekly 90 second spot, called Culture Connection.  WNRN was hosting its Fall Fund Drive and I went to answer phones and take pledges.  I fell in love with WNRN while living in Richmond and continued to listen after I moved to Charlottesville two years ago.  In fact WNRN was a life saver in terms of music stations in Richmond which is a place that my music savvy 13 year old and I often refer to as “radio hell”.  I love that WNRN is really walking its talk as a community radio station by creating programs that help connect the community with area nonprofits and arts organizations.  PLUS they let me do some VO’s and report on Arts and Culture things to do in Central Virginia.


Ian, the Marketing Director at WNRN, let me call previous donors to encourage them to pledge this year. This was SOOOOO much fun!!! I adore calling people on the phone- really.  So I got to leave loads of messages and actually talk to a few people and even took some pledges right there over the phone.  PLUS my friends at Pearl’s Bakeshoppe donated yummiliscious cupcakes and muffins to sweeten our hard working day.  There certainly were a bunch of sugar powered very happy volunteers on Wednesday.

Thursday was also a WNRN fund drive phone bank day and lunch with my fried P. at Hamilton’s on the downtown mall.  It was quite a treat. I started with chocolates from Gerhart’s then knoshed on The blue plate special, a sampling of Mediterranean foods and ended with a sesame dressed salad with local apples.  Ab Fab! Good people watching out on the Mall as well.  I made a total fool out of myself by shouting out to a guy that I thought was someone else.  He was quite gracious about it, though.

Friday night was fried oysters and a Mojito at Maya with other Tandem parents waiting for their children to arrive home on the train from Philly field trip. Glad Maya fries oysters the right way in corn meal instead of panko or flour (who would do that? ACK! but I have seen it done.) but sad that my serving was overcooked making the oysters dry and a tad rubbery.  No time to send it back though but apparently enough time for my car to get hoisted on a tow truck in the train station parking lot.  I know, I deserved it.  I didn’t realize one had to pay for parking at night there and in the back of my mind I thought there was a possibility of getting towed but I stupidly ignored my instinct not to park there because I was tired and frustrated from driving around looking for a parking spot for 20 minutes already.  Anyway, the tow truck driver had just rigged my car up and I got there just in time to beg him to leave it because of course, as a single mom with no significant other and an ex that lives over 100 miles away, I had no one to take me to get my car from the tow company and I had to get to the Aids Walk Kick Off by 9am the next morning AND get my child home from the train station.  He didn’t tow my car but man that $50.00 he made me pay him sure did hurt this woman’s limited cash flow.  I mean really, That was just RUDE.  I do publicly apologize for yelling at him though.  The poor guy probably gets a lot of anger thrown at him.  He could not possibly have understood how paying that money impacted my life and I have no idea what challenges he faces in his.  Sending Peace and Love, Mr. Tow Truck Driver.

On to Saturday morning… The Charlottesville AIDS Walk Kick-off.  Peter DeMartino, CEO of Charlottesville ASG, organized a great start to the Walk.  Aside from the thrill of singing this years theme song ,THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKIN’, in front of a huge crowd at the Ntellos Wireless Pavilion and doing the start-the-walk countdown with David Toscano, I was present for the inspirational words of Tinera, a beautiful African American woman who lives with HIV.  Please single people (and married people who are engaged in or otherwise interested in extra-marital sexual encounters or have a spouse who is or might be engaging in extramarital encounters, oh heck, Everybody) click here and read Tinera’s story.  It is important for EVERYONE to act responsibly to eradicate this HIV/AIDS.












Pictured Above: Me and Max, Miss Red Ribbon 2013 – 2014 before the Aids Walk Kick-off.

Then I went out of town.

So that was my Arts and Culture week here is Central Virginia.

Thanks for reading.



The Culture Maven




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