FUN, Bizou, a hike, Mas and Foxfield- I am ready for a vacation

This week was very Charlottesville in which I enjoyed a concert, a hike, two of my favorite C-ville eateries and a steeple chase race.

Yes, you read it correctly in the title, I attended the FUN concert on Thursday night at the NTellos Wireless Pavilion in downtown Charlottesville with my 13 year old daughter.  It was a typical big concert, loud, crowded and not really my thing but my daughter enjoyed it so it was worth any inconvenience on my part.

Friday night was a blast.  My daughter’s school had a dance which she attended and her guy friend came from Richmond to join her.  His mother and I are friends so while the kids were enjoying the dance we went out for an al fresco dinning experience at Bizou, a Charlottesville standard with great food and a relaxed atmosphere (especially outside).  I had the Quinoa stuffed squash which was fabulous!

Saturday was so lovely I hit the Monticello trail for an easy hike with a friend.  This trail that winds up the side of Carter Mountain and leads to the Monticello Visitor’s Center, is beautiful and convenient.  It is a great hike if you want to get outside and do something but lack the time to drive very far from town. The leaves are just starting to turn here and people are coming in droves to pick apples and eat apple cider doughnuts at Carter Mountain Orchards so be careful crossing the Orchard Road on the trail.

In the afternoon I answered phones for the pledge drive at WNRN.  I met some great volunteers and enjoyed chatting with listeners who called in to make pledges.  I have adored WNRN since I discovered them four years ago while living in Richmond and feel honored to contribute my time and talents in the small ways that I do to keep it going.  If you love commercial free independent radio with a true community orientation, please consider supporting WNRN right now.  The station needs to make some serious upgrades to equipment in order to stay operational so here is your big chance to keep it going for the next 17 years and beyond. Click here to make a pledge or find out more about the station.

Later in the afternoon I lead a private  yoga session for a new client poolside.

Saturday night I had dinner with a friend from Staunton at my favorite restaurant in Charlottesville, Mas Tapas.  Again dining al fresco on Mas’s patio which affords an entertaining view of other Mas patrons and residents of hip Bellmont natives.  As usual it was fantastic.  I am recommending the smoked tomatoes for a special autumnal treat- they taste like the first fire burning in your fireplace on a crisp early autumn night.  YUM!

Sunday started with a Mudhouse cappacino and The Washington Post in bed then off to the VIRGINIA LIVING tent at the Foxfield Races.  It was a glorious day of seeing and being seen, chatting with other VL guests and watching the occasional clump of thoroughbreds gallop by.  I picked the winner in the 4th race making the day even more fun. Pimento catered so the food was good despite a general lack of sweets (a personal passion) or gluten free options (a personal necessity) but, hey, you can’t have everything.

My friend and guest, Nina and me at the VIRGINIA LIVING tent at Foxfield

My friend and guest, Nina and me at the VIRGINIA LIVING tent at Foxfield


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