Fighting for Kittens

Here is some information about a benefit fencing tournament at CFA.  Sponsor a fencer (like you would for a charity walk or run) and the proceeds will go to the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA.  Spectators may watch the tournament free of charge but fencers must register online at (CFA’s Annual Back to School Brawl) :

Fencing for Furry Friends

August 24&25

What it is:

This is a charity event, taking place as part of the Back To School Brawl,  will be hosted by Charlottesville Fencing Alliance to benefit the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA, which is a no kill shelter.  In this event, fencers will find sponsors who will pledge X amount per touch that the fencer scores to benefit the SPCA.

How it works:

Each fencer who chooses to participate will ask a business or individual to pledge X number of dollars per touch scored by the fencer in the designated event.  So for example, if you score a total of 25 touches in pools, and in your next two DE’s you score 15 and the 13, a pledge of $1 per touch would have donated $53.00 to the SPCA.

Based on our numbers from  last year, assuming a pledge of $1.00 per touch, a donor is not likely to pledge over $100 per event, per fencer even if the fencer wins the tournament.  An average figure for fencers who finish in the middle of their event will be around $40.  These numbers assume $1 per touch, although more is certainly appreciated!

Why you should do it:

To save cute little puppies and kittens, while helping a very worthy cause right here in our community.  Oh yeah, and whoever gathers the most money over the event will win a hand forged, folded steel katana.  There is that too, but mostly for the kittens.




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