Shakti Yoga Adventure- Go to India!



My Guru, Valma Brenton, has put together a fantastic trip to India for 8 lucky women.  Valma is a fantastic teacher and has organized yoga adventures all over the world.  If you have ever wanted to go to India, now is the time.


Dark of the Moon Opens Tonight at Devil’s Backbone

I opened my wnrn email this morning to find this news from Wolfbane Productions, a five year old  nonprofit theatre company based in the Valley. They open their season tonight with DARK OF THE MOON, a play in which yours truly was in at the Dogwood Dell in Richmond back in the summer of 1981 (I played the baby of Barbara Allen….NOT! I was actually in the chorus of witches and wore my hair in corn rows!). It was a good production which included some McGranahan’s if I correctly recall but what stands out in my memory was the witch chorus’ opening entrance.  We entered via stage right from the roof and cascaded en masse down a series of stacked 4x4x4 blocks down to the stage.  This was the old roof that arched over the stage and was covered smooth gravel.  The director, former VCU Drama head, Dr. Parker (oops. forgot his first name and too lazy to look it up… but I think I always referred to him as Dr. Parker anyway) asked one of the Production Assistants to figure out a way to make the roof a less dangerous passage.  The solution:  Pour Coca-Cola on the part of the roof we crawled over to make it sticky and keep the rocks from sliding.  The problem: Bees.  Honey bees thought the dried coke a fantastic treat and were all over it until dusk when they went back to their hives to hobnob with their other bee tribe members.  Right up until about five minutes before our entrance the bees threatened to sting anyone who invaded their dried syrup feeding ground.  It was a challenge to remain un-stung during “places” when the show started.

Below is the information about Wolfbane’s production.  I checked out the trailer this morning and it looks REALLY GOOD. Click here for more information.


Dark of the Moon

Our season will open on August 15th with a magical production ofDark of The Moon, staged outside at the beautiful Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company, located in the heart of the Blueridge Mountains. This haunting story follows John the Witchboy, an Appalachian mountain spirit, who sacrifices his immortality to be with the human girl he loves, Barbara Allen.

Based on the Ballad of Barbara Allen, Dark of the Moon features a live folk/bluegrass band, singing, dancing and a team of the some of the most talented performers we have ever worked with. Our two leads, John and Barbara will be played by Amanda Smith and Aaron Alan, both of whom have professional performance credits nationally and internationally. Returning from last season, leading our band will be Spencer Meeks from Chicago. They will be joining a stellar group of local favorites to create one of the most magical productions Wolfbane has ever produced.

DARK OF THE MOON will be running at the Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company
Performance dates: August 15th 16th, 17th, 22nd, 23rd, 25th, 29th, 30th and 31st
All performances are at 8pm.

Fighting for Kittens

Here is some information about a benefit fencing tournament at CFA.  Sponsor a fencer (like you would for a charity walk or run) and the proceeds will go to the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA.  Spectators may watch the tournament free of charge but fencers must register online at (CFA’s Annual Back to School Brawl) :

Fencing for Furry Friends

August 24&25

What it is:

This is a charity event, taking place as part of the Back To School Brawl,  will be hosted by Charlottesville Fencing Alliance to benefit the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA, which is a no kill shelter.  In this event, fencers will find sponsors who will pledge X amount per touch that the fencer scores to benefit the SPCA.

How it works:

Each fencer who chooses to participate will ask a business or individual to pledge X number of dollars per touch scored by the fencer in the designated event.  So for example, if you score a total of 25 touches in pools, and in your next two DE’s you score 15 and the 13, a pledge of $1 per touch would have donated $53.00 to the SPCA.

Based on our numbers from  last year, assuming a pledge of $1.00 per touch, a donor is not likely to pledge over $100 per event, per fencer even if the fencer wins the tournament.  An average figure for fencers who finish in the middle of their event will be around $40.  These numbers assume $1 per touch, although more is certainly appreciated!

Why you should do it:

To save cute little puppies and kittens, while helping a very worthy cause right here in our community.  Oh yeah, and whoever gathers the most money over the event will win a hand forged, folded steel katana.  There is that too, but mostly for the kittens.




There is nothing like a Drive-in Movie for summer fun

I re-discoverd this place, Hull’s Drive-in, while I was researching for cool events to post on wnrn Culture Connection.  Back when I produced “Red Badge” in Lexington in 1994, I went with my Cadet Assistants and my son Max to the movies several times over the summer.  There is just something magical about being outside watching a movie on a warm summer night indulging in some fries and a milk shake.

What is even more fun is the ’80’s night movie flashback thing Hull’s has going this summer.  There are only two ’80’s Wednesdays left this season where you can enjoy ’80’s hits, a trivia and costume contest before some classic ’80’s film.  Sounds like a blast!

Click here for more info.

See you at the movies.

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