Broo Smoothing Shampoo Review: made locally in Asheville these products use real micro-brewed beer


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A couple of months ago I blogged about a three day trip I took to Asheville, North Carolina and mentioned a fantastic product at the end of the final post – Broo Shampoo.  The kind folks from the Asheville Department of Tourism gave me a sample of Boo Hydrating Shampoo because Broo is a locally made product that is made from real locally brewed beer – the signature drink of the town.  I tried it, liked it and sent my blog post link to the founders of the company. (click here to read the original post) They were so excited they called to thank me and asked if I would try another product in the shampoo line (to address specific issues with my hair) to compare.  I did and here are my thoughts…

The products: Broo Shampoo and Broo Conditioner for Smoothing

Test #1: Straight Hair Style

I wanted to try this product under several different circumstances in order to fully assess its effectiveness for de-frizzing my hair in dry, humid and downright rainy weather.  It was also important to determine how it affected the various ways I style my hair.  The first time I used it I straightened my naturally wavy/curly hair by blowing it out with an  hair dryer then adding a straightening syrum and smoothing it with a heated flat iron.

Result: My hair really was noticeably more shiny and bended to my will much more easily than it does with my regular shampoo.  It also felt luxurious, as soft as a mink’s coat.  I actually ran my fingers through it all day long.  Several people complimented my hair throughout the day as well.  I felt like a movie star!

Test #2: Naturally Curly

The next test was a curly hair day.  When the humidity increases here in Central Virginia there is no straightening that will work on my hair so I just let it go natural.  The wrong product can turn my hair into a nightmarish frizzball so it is super important to use something that will encourage the curls to do their thing to the fullest. I washed and conditioned my hair with Broo Smoothing products, spritzed some curl holder on my wet hair and dried my bangs straight while the rest of my hair air dried.


The smoothing agents in Broo Smoothing formula (almond and hops oils according to the promotional pamphlet) caused my hair to form the most luscious curls it has ever produced with significantly less frizz. I loved what this stuff did for my hair.

My fabulous Broo curls held up in the rain as well- usually hair day doom for me.

The Experience:

This shampoo is a little thick and lathers into a sensuous shaving cream-like foam.  The fragrance is quite pungent and hopsy to the point where I almost gagged the first time I used it. (The other Hydrating Broo’s odor was much more pleasant.) I was miserable with my head smelling that way but soon forgot about it as the hair compliments came all day long- no kidding. I am happy to withstand the smell to get the fantastic results. No one else finds it as horrid as I and I am getting used to it over time.

Put simply: I have yet to find a shampoo I like better for my hair.

Disclaimer: Broo provided samples for me to try at no charge but I am not getting paid by anyone to write about these products.  The above opinions are all unsolicited me.

Happy Hair Days!


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3 thoughts on “Broo Smoothing Shampoo Review: made locally in Asheville these products use real micro-brewed beer

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  3. Bröö: This stuff is the real deal and then some. I, too, recently discovered the line at Whole Foods and was blown away by the quality and modern take on the ancient practice of using beer for enhancing hair’s shine and health. The last “beer” shampoo I used was Body on Tap, and I seriously doubt there was any real beer in it, plus it was super harsh. I even tried pouring flat beer on my hair as a rinse, but then you smell like a brewery all day.

    I’ve tried some other newer versions over the years, but they all have drawbacks. They either smell awful and/or they are full of chems that I don’t want. Bröö has done more than bring beer shampoo out of the 80s….like NO sulfates, no synthetics, and no silicones. The three things that impress me the most personally? Even though there are no sulfates, it lathers like mad. And it smells fresh and clean. And it’s from an independent company. I use the Pale Ale (Volumizing) set on my longish, fine hair and I look like I’ve got almost twice as much hair. lol I tried the Porter (moisturizing) but that was too much for my hair, too much moisture. But it smelled like rich vanilla. The volumizing has a faint beer scent with a louder citrus overtone. Especially nice to use during these hot summer months. They better never stop making this stuff. My only complaint is that I cannot find the body washes anywhere…WF doesn’t stock them. But there’s always 🙂 Go Bröö!

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