Shakespeare Outdoors

There is something magical about seeing plays in the great outdoors in the summer time.  The charm of crickets chirping, the pungent odor of bug spray wafting through the air and the cooling of a hot sticky day into a slightly chilly night whilst actors, challenged by these and other elements both natural and otherwise, bravely press on with lines and blocking.  I adore it!

That is why it is with great enthusiasm that I share the Richmond Shakespeare Festival at Agecroft Hall shows for this summer.  Agecroft is a gorgeous Tudor Mansion shipped from England as a pile of bricks and rebuilt on a stunning plot of land that slopes down to the muddy James River. Plays are performed in the courtyard just as they might have been during Shakespeare’s time.  One can picnic on the lawn before the show.  It is quite fun.

I am especially excited about the selection of The Comedy of Errors as I played one of the main characters in high school.

 The Richmond Shakespeare Festival at Agecroft Hall

The Comedy of Errors

Directed by Steve Perigard

June 13 – July 7, 2013

Opening Night – Saturday, June 15 at 8pm


Directed by Jan Powell

July 11 – August 4, 2013

Opening Night – Saturday, July 13 at 8pm

Performances for both shows – Thursday through Sundays at 8pm

The Comedy of Errors

“I to the world am like a drop of water

That in the ocean seeks another drop.”

Antipholus of Syracuse

In this hysterical tale of unwitting identity theft, two sets of identical twins separated in infancy suddenly find themselves in the same town. Residents and visitors alike are plunged into confusion, and a nutty pandemonium ensues. Shakespeare’s shortest and silliest comedy, A Comedy of Errors is a delightfully goofy mash up of close calls, blunders, bafflement and discombobulation—with absolutely hilarious results!


“The show is wall-to-wall joy!” The Daily Mail

“There’s magic in the web of it.”


A stunningly beautiful, heartbreaking depiction of overpowering love and devastating jealousy, Othello pits a confident, natural-born leader of men against his friend—a stunningly sociopathic villain bent on his destruction. Esteemed general Othello has eloped in the middle of the night with his beloved Desdemona, the daughter of a powerful senator. His right hand man, Iago, envious over having been denied promotion, sees his

chance to bring down the great man, and will stop at nothing until he does.

“Some of the greatest poetry Shakespeare ever wrote.” The Telegraph

The Comedy of Errors

Cast (in alphabetic order)

Beau Bryan
Jonathan Conyers Thomas Cunningham Adrian Grantz
Molly Hood
David Janoski
Irene Kuykendall Matt Lipscomb
John Mincks
James Murphy
Katie Robey
Connor Scully
Jody Strickler
Alex Wiles


Cast (in alphabetical order)

Ryan Bechard
Matt Bloch
Adrian Grantz
Kevin Grantz
James Henry
Dean Knight
Rebecca Anne Muhleman Laura Maughan

Jailer/Balthazar/Ensemble Antipholus of Syracuse Duke/Luce

Angelo/Dr. Pinch Courtesan/Ensemble Antipholus of Ephesus Dromio of Ephesus Dromio of Syracuse Servant/Ensemble Officer/Ensemble Abbess/Ensemble Luciana

Duke Senator/Ensemble Roderigo

Emilia Desdemona Bianca Brabantio Othello Ensemble Ensemble

Production Team

Steve Perigard Melissa Rayford Cheryl Fare
Liz Hopper

BJ Wilkinson Michael Knowles Twyla Kitts
Jan Powell

James Murphy Paige Skidmore Kathryn Cohen

Production Team

Jan Powell Cheryl Fare Margarette Joyner BJ Wilkinson James Murphy Paige Skidmore Matt Treacy Alecia Schulz

Assistant Director Producer
Lighting Design Composer Dramaturg
Text Coach Properties Design Properties Manager Stage Manager

Costume Design Lighting Design Properties Design Properties Manager Composer

Stage Manager


Jess Rawls Stephen Ryan Stephen Seals James Tormey Xander Wong



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