Monticello HS reaches for The Heights

I caught the back end of Monticello High School’s much talked about production of In the Heights last night and I must say it was quite impressive.  There is apparently a ton talent in that community (plus two Tandem Friends School students, Tiffany Ames and Basil Ward) that was allowed to explode on the stage in a hot salsa of singing, dancing and rapping.  Since I snuck in just in time to catch the final number before intermission, I didn’t get a program so sadly I cannot credit the amazing performers.  But I will say this:  This show is worth making the effort to see.  Many of these kids could easily have professional careers right now. The set was fabulous. The orchestra was so tight that when the woman sitting next to me told me her son was in the orchestra, I was surprised to learn it was live rather than pre-recorded. But the best part is the energy these kids are   sending out – it is contagious.  Rarely, is there this high a level of obvious commitment and community in a high school musical.

And we all know how I hate musicals,  the plot of this one is just as lame and slow moving as any other, but the musical numbers are worth suffering through the storyline.

Only two more performances- tonight and tomorrow.

Click here to buy tickets.




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