Monticelllo High School doe In The Heights

I had a chat with Tiffany Ames a couple of weeks ago.  A senior at Tandem Friends School and last years winner of the National Shakespeare recitation contest, Tiffany, mentioned she needed to prepare for the evening’s rehearsal.  “For what show?”, I asked, knowing that there was no more plays for the year at Tandem.  “In The Heights at Monticello,” she responded. Monticello recruited Ames to be in the show.  “It is great!” she said. “The energy is amazing!  There are all these ethnic kids in it that never would have even thought to try out for a regular musical.”  She went on to explain that African-American and Latino/Hispanic – American kids rarely identify with traditional musicals like Annie Get Your Gun or Anything Goes.  I was intrigued and decided I should make the effort to see it.

Then I came across this today:–207285081.html#.UZI9c0EjcNI.twitter

A cool story about the utter joy these kids are having working together on this show and how diversity is making it a strongly profound experience.

To get tickets for the show which plays this weekend only go to:

See you at the theatre!

The Culture Maven


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