Call for Plastic Water Bottles to Build Inhabitable Hut

I had quite a surprise the other day when I was recycling clear plastic bottles at the McIntyre Recycling Center and I heard a voice from within the recycling bin.  UVA architecture student Josh Hadley-Goggin was physically inside the bin scavenging specific types of water bottles to build a hut he would live in for a school project.  I was so impressed with the creative nature of the task that I decided to blog about it and ask for your help, on behalf of Josh and his team in collecting enough  Deer Park, Nestle, or Poland Springs 16.9 ounce water bottles to build something really fabulous.

Here’s the 411:

The 1st Year Studio Class at the School of Architecture at UVA, ARCH 1030 is participating in a totally cool project in which teams design and construct a hut that they will inhabit for 24 hours.  The purpose of the project is for students to problem -solve how materials work to form joints between one another and how to use maximize the functionality of various materials. Each team had to use recycled materials so that the resources because they are readily available and can then be returned to be recycled when the students are finished with the project. It is a public service project to show the creativity in which recycled materials can be utilized for the  purpose of learning and design.

Students will live in their hut “village” (there will be about 60 of these “huts”) on the North Terrace of the School of Architecture, Campbell Hall, on the University of Virginia Grounds from noon on May 3rd  until  noon on May 4th. 

The constraints for this project are
> must use recycled materials
> may not spend more than $50
> interior volume of no more than 96 cubic feet
> structures must weigh less than 60 pounds.

Josh and his teammate, Caroline Kraska, have decided to use Deer Park, Nestle, or Poland Springs 16.9 ounce water bottles with which to construct their  because  when the bottom of the bottles are cut off, they can be snapped into the top of another bottle because of the specific design of the ribbing of the bottles.

In order to make this work, they need as many bottles as possible. At the moment they have roughly 200 and estimate a need for at least 1000 or more for our structure, the more they have, the more creative they can get with the design.

Please contact Josh if you have bottles that you could donate.

Josh Hadley-Goggin
1st Year School of Architecture, UVA


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