Artist Claude Wampler’s kooky performance art at UVA tonight

Claude Wampler is an artist/ lecturer who likes to create memories with her art.  In an interview with the New York Times from January of this year, Wampler said of her art, “I manipulate an audience in the best way possible, which is to assist them in the act of looking, of observing.” But the viewpoint that won my heart is contained in the next segment of the story where she is discussing her inspiration for the project she produced at The Kitchen in NYC, a piece titled, “N’a Pas un Gramme de Charisme” (“There Is Not One Gram of Charisma”), a work who’s moniker  is taken from a French magazine’s review of Katie Holmes’s performance as Jacqueline Kennedy in the 2011 television mini-series “The Kennedys.”:

“I think it’s quite an achievement to not have one gram of charisma. How does she do it? And then I watched it, and it’s true. She’s like Keanu Reeves in that way — she’s a very attractive placeholder for the character. I love Keanu because of that. Somebody who could have such a career and be completely and utterly free of talent is so awesome.”

With such a power of observation (of course I have thought much the same of Keanu and said many times that he must give the best, um, let’s just say he must be very talented in ways that might be better demonstrated in a gay porn film) she must be a fabulous artist.

A marriage of theatre and realism, Wampler offers an example of her offbeat style tonight at  at 5pm  at UVA’s Ruffin Hall Room 206. Free and open to the public.


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