Group Hike


South River Falls

South River Falls



I adore all the options for outdoor adventure that Central Virginia has to offer but often lack the time (and patience) to round up friends and organize an outing.  Thank goodness for the Charlottesville Hiking Group, a nice collection of people from varying backgrounds who I discovered on Meetup that like to hike together.  Following a simple registration process (approximately 5 mins) I became a member and now am alerted by email of hikes ranging from easy to difficult.  It is perfect for people like me whose energies are scattered amongst many things and suddenly find myself with a little time without having made any plans.

All I had to do was click “yes” on a hike that looked interesting that fit into my schedule and – presto- I had an instant group of people with whom to enjoy said hike. Today was my first CHG hike.  Our wonderful guide, Jody, led us on a hike to South River Falls in Shenandoah National Park.  A moderate hike, I was a tad nervous due to the unexpected lingering snow in the higher elevation.  But the trail was in good shape and Jody was ready with aide when a member of our party slipped resulting in a gash in the leg.  (Everyone was able to complete the hike.) The group was friendly, the hike was good exercise while boasting beautiful scenery- everyone seemed to enjoy the morning thoroughly including our injured friend.

I will definitely go on more hikes with this group.  It is a fantastic way to learn about more hiking options in a safe, group atmosphere.

Plus Jody recommended a Mexican restaurant that I will try out tonight.  Will let you know what I think.

Half spring, half winter, the trail alternated from sunny to slushy in the early spring morning.

Half spring, half winter, the trail alternated from sunny to slushy in the early spring morning.




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