Beaux Arts Ball


Shelly Jones-Wilkins and me at the Beaux Arts Ball2/23/13

Shelly Jones-Wilkins and me at the Beaux Arts Ball

Several people have asked me lately why I have been exceptionally slack with my blog postings.  Well, first of all, thanks for noticing.  Secondly, The long answer involves a sad tale of poor health, injury and the horribleness of February in Central Virginia.  I will not bore you with the long version.  The short version is: I was engrossed in master minding a fundraiser for my daughter’s school.

Being an Arts & Culture writer, I want my children to be exposed to creativity in all aspects of their lives so when searching for the right educational fit for my youngest child, I obviously wanted  a school that infused creative expression in its curriculum.  Happily we found that in the Tandem Friends School. Tandem Friends’ faculty is brilliant at nurturing the muse for its students in addition to being connected to the creative community at large.  It is also very good at fostering true economic diversity in its student body.  Thirty-seven percent of Tandem families receive some sort of financial aid from the school.  Being a sucker for the chance to exercise my Producer muscles while having a true adoration for the school, I couldn’t resist the temptation to serve as chair of the Financial Aid Fundraiser which I decided should be a celebration of the creative spirit. Thus a Beaux Arts Ball.

It was a labor intensive activity but fun all the same.

I made it a costume ball so that everyone could wear what was comfortable and have some fun.  I dressed as a Art Cheerleader because that is what I am – a person who supports the arts by cheering about it, in my case via the media. (Also because I had the costume from my days as a member of the performance art troupe, Art Cheerleaders and I could wear Chuck Taylors rather than heels.)

The event was a smashing success.  Everyone had fun and we raised a nice chunk of change for the students in need.

Now that it is over, I can focus on the mission of this blog, which is to promote arts and culture in Central Va.

Get ready for some good stories and some changes in the coming months.




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