The Sin Show Just in Time for Valentines



SINshowOne thing my ex-husband did really well was Valentine’s Day.  He was very good at giving gifts, bringing flowers and finding exquisite chocolates.  I miss that about him because outside of that relationship Valentine’s in my post-elementary school world where everyone received loads of Valentines cards, candy and a class party with cupcakes has pretty much sucked.

If I had a sweetie this year I would want them to take me to the Sin Show at Firefish Gallery and pick out some lustful piece of art to spice up my bedroom decor.

The 411:

SIN:  An Exploration of Eroticism Through Art

February 9th through March 6th 2013

Charlottesville, VA –  FIREFISH Gallery, an art gallery in downtown Charlottesville, announces a titillating new exhibit that explores the theme of seduction, sensuality and erotica in art.  The show titled: SIN aims to not only arouse the senses but to interpret human sexuality in the physical form through sculpture, paintings, drawings, and photography.  At its’ conception, the exhibit was developed to celebrate, discuss and support erotic art that is rarely seen in museums and galleries.  Contrary to the title of SIN, this show joyfully embraces sexuality as not just an indulgence but as a necessity to being human.


The show features the work of fifteen local artists who have created a unique translation of erotica.  The works range from explicit in nature to subtle. Some have chosen to approach the subject from a more literal standpoint utilizing palpable nude figure drawings to convey sensuality.  Other artists explore the world of fetishism and while some truly push the boundaries with larger that life phalluses carved from exotic woods.

In short, this show aims to gain acceptance and awareness of this fascinating genre.

Private Viewing:  February 9th , 7:00 – 9:30 pm.

Opens to the public: February 10.

Show runs:  February 9 through March 6, 2013


For additional information about this exhibition please contact Sigrid Eilertson: owner of FIREFISH Gallery at 434/984-1777 or or visit us online at


FIREFISH Gallery is located on the historic downtown mall at 108 2nd St. NW, Charlottesville, VA.  



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