In the midst of 24/7

I am on a quick lunch break from rehearsing my assigned play, The Revenge of Mr. It, deftly crafted overnight by Miller Murray Susen.  I am thrilled to be cast (by chance) in MIller’s show and it is proving to be a fun if tiring experience reading, memorizing and blocking.  A channel 29 reporter interviewed me this morning- she is following my group’s process throughout the day.  I came home for a few minutes to organize some costume possibilities and eat some homemade soup, soon to head back to Live Arts to rehearse all afternoon before curtain at 7pm.

I am cast with Nick and Robert who are very funny.  Mike is our able director and we have two cameo players. Full Names to come later – you know how I am.

Already exhausted, I have little inclination as to how I will survive through the second show but that is part of the magic, right?

wish me a broken leg!

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