24/7 has begun




A bad phone image of the 2013 24/7 playwrights

Tonight, amongst a gathered crowd of actors, designers, directors and some actual non-associated audience members, the theme for this year’s Whole Theatre 24/7 project was revealed to the 7 playwrights who will be working through the night to write plays that will be performed tomorrow night.  The theme (drum roll), “The elephant in the room”, was chosen from several offered up at the end of last year’s event and governs all seven plays. To add to the challenge each playwright was individually assigned a focus word, like “tiny” or “ottoman” via the clever vehicle of mad libs created from a paragraph from Dr. Seuss’ class elephant tale, Horton Hears a Who.

Here’s how it worked:  Audience members were asked to break into pairs. Each pair was given a mad lib created from the same paragraph from the book.  The mad libs were then filled in by one member of the pair asking for words specific to requested parts of speech (person 1:”noun”, person 2: “monkey”).  Each playwright drew an audience member’s name from a hat and then that person read the mad lib out loud.  The corresponding numbered mad libbed word from the read mad lib was assigned as a focus word for the playwright.  For example Miller Murray Susen was the seventh playwright to draw a name and have a mad lib read aloud so she was assigned the last provided word form that mad lib.

For a new twist this year there will be a 24/7 band- a group of musicians who will write 7 original pieces of music tomorrow, one to go with each new play, and perform them tomorrow night as well.

As this is being written, 7 playwrights are typing away (hopefully) preparing for the 8am deadline. To see what they produce in the next 10 hours come to Live Arts tomorrow night.

Tickets are 10 bucks.

for more information and a full list of participants click here.

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