Can I survive the 24/7?

Next weekend my metal will be tested.  I have agreed to participate as an actress in the 24/7 Theatre Project produced by Whole Theatre and hosted by Live Arts.  It will be the first time since 1993 that I will memorize lines and blocking and perform before a paying audience.  As you may recall, just last month was my first time performing in a play in front of an audience in 20 years but that was a staged reading, I got to hold the script, no memorization- so this is different.  PLUS in 24/7 the script will not even exist until the wee hours of the morning before it is performed.

It sounds dangerous, right?

Below are more details.  Tickets are only $10.00 and can be purchased through Live Arts. (click here for more info).



24-7 written overnight. rehearsed all day. performed once for you.Written overnight.  Rehearsed all Day.  Performed once for you.

Twenty-Four Seven is a theatre festival created in 24 hours.

New every time, it is the cornerstone of Whole Theatre.

Here’s how we do it:

The theatrical artists’ gather on Friday evening.  A theme for the next night’s show is randomly selected from all the given suggestions – it’s literally pulled form a hat.  Then each of the 7 playwrights pull their cast requirements (i.e. 2 woman, 1 man) from the hat, and they pull their special inspirational word from the hat (i.e. Vancouver).  The playwrights write overnight.

Early Saturday morning, the new 10 minute scripts are finished.  The 7 directors each pull a script (yes, from the hat); and have a hour to confer with the playwright.  All the actors arrive.  Casting is done by each director blindly selecting names (you guessed it, literally, pulled from a hat).  Then, rehearsals begin.  And, the hat is retired.

2010 Playwrights -- before the plays are written

The Playwrights — before the plays are written

Saturday day is a full rehearsal process with no time to second guess.  There is a first read through, blocking, memorizing lines, etc.  Simultaneously, lights are focused, sound is mixed, costumes are pinned together, tech, dress, let the audience in.

Saturday night we present a full show of new works – all fully performed and all freshly premiered.  7 new plays all created in the past 24 hours.

Email Ray for more info or to get in on the fun:

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