The Frank Experience at Play on

Frank Sinatra music reminds me of the BEST holiday parties I ever attended.  When I was in High School and College I had the great honor of attending the Turpin’s Christmas and Thanksgiving parties for several years as the date of two of the Turpin boys, Coalter in my younger days and later his older brother the dashing Traynor.  All of the Turpin’s danced and I danced to Frank’s crooning  into the wee hours with hardly a moments rest.  A favorite recording was “It Might As Well Be Swing” with Count Basie. Every time I hear, “Fly Me To The Moon” or “I Wish You Love” I think of those parties, how fun it was to be young, sought after and dancing with so many dashing men in one evening.

Thankfully, Play On recognizes that there are some of out there who crave to hear this kind of music performed.  Dick Orange performs a bunch of old favs this weekend.  Details below.

I might try to go Sat. night, provided I get some work done on a story that is due Monday.

Nice & Easy: The timeless music of Frank, Dean, Tony & more

NiceEasy Poster - Copy (2)
Get tickets any time at

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