Pin-up Project to Pin Down Brain Cancer


I adore it when someone gets a bee in their bonnet to do something productive and creative when they are frustrated by something.  Daphne D’earth Latham has done just that, combining her talent for hair, make-up and kitsch with Jackson Smith’s mad photography skills to create the Beauties for Brains Pin-up Photography Exhibit where all of the proceeds will go the Emily Couric Cancer Center at UVA.

Below is a snippet from Sigrid of Firefish’s press release:

The exhibit was conceived by local make up artist and hairstylist Daphne D’earth Latham.  Brain cancer is a subject close to Latham’s heart as she has lost her maternal grandmother, grandfather, and great aunt to the disease.  Most recently, Daphne’s mother was diagnosed with brain cancer.  The exhibit is aimed to honor her mother Dawn Thompson who is currently living with her brain cancer thanks to the exceptional medical care at the UVA Cancer Center where she has been treated for the past five years.  The statistic regarding brain cancer are staggering: 688,000 people were diagnosed with brain cancer in 2012 alone.  Latham decided that a photographic show that showcases beauty in the name of brains would be a good way to raise awareness.

The exhibit features scantily clad women in classic pin up poses.  The show is tasteful, showing just enough skin thus leaving the rest to the viewer’s imagination.  The overall vintage vibe feels authentic and sincere which credits photographer Jackson Smith’s skill and attention to detail.  Daphne Latham certainly hit the mark with her precision in replicating the costume, hair and make up of these 40’s era vixens.  The photographs are for sale as is a pin up calendar.  All proceeds will go to the Emily Couric Cancer Center.

The show opens December 6th, at Firefish Gallery in Charlottesville from 7:00 – 10:00 pm.  Live music by John D’earth, food donated by Hotcakes.  $15 donation at the door .

For additional information about this exhibition please contact Sigrid Eilertson: co-owner of FIREFISH Gallery at 434/984-1777 or or visit us online at

FIREFISH Gallery is located on the historic downtown mall at 108 2nd St. NW, Charlottesville, VA.  



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