Original Masks at Firefish


I have seen some of these already and they are marvelous!  And just in time for Halloween or to pick up early for the Beaux Arts Ball in February. MB

The Mask Show:  Unmasked and Unhinged

 October 25th through December 5th 2012

Charlottesville, VA-  FIREFISH Gallery, an art gallery in downtown Charlottesville that carries handmade artisan work and craft by local artists and artisans, announces a new collaborative exhibition of masks.  The show titled:  The Mask Show- Unmasked and Unhinged, showcases the masks of twenty local artists.


The exhibit was the brainchild of gallery owner and mask maker Sigrid Eilertson.   She started an individual mask for each artist and then handed it off to be completed by the artist through any means desired.  The results have been spectacular.  Eilertson states, “I know most of these artists personally so I had them specifically in mind when starting their mask.  Where they took the mask was up to them.”  The collaborative process is representative of the philosophy of the gallery- to make art accessible, to encourage community involvement and to support emerging artists.  The artists have used a wide array of materials including leather, fiber, coconut shells, paint, jewels, etc..  Each mask reflects the personality of both artists and their skills.  The masks range from large, elaborate and complex to a more minimalist subtle beauty.


The artists featured are:

Sigrid Eilertson Eileen Butler Matthew Merkle

Charlotte Fracis Susan Clawson Jennifer Elmore

Ken Nagakui Virginia Myers Peter Krebs

Rick Miller Alex Bolling Darrell Rose

John Tripple Steve Taylor Daphne Latham

Stephanie Helvin Alp Isin Annie Jacobs

Rudgar Clawson Christos


For additional information about this exhibition please contact Sigrid Eilertson: co-owner of FIREFISH Gallery at 434/984-1777 or sigridanne@hotmail.com or visit us online at firefishgallery.com


FIREFISH Gallery is located on the historic downtown mall at 108 2nd St. NW, Charlottesville, VA.  




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