New England Road Trip Day 5: There Once Was A Girl from Nantucket…



Meditation took the place of asana practice this morning as it was raining and their really wasn’t an alternative yoga location in the house with out moving major furniture or being in the way of Marilyn and Gregory setting up breakfast in the dining room.

Again, the Hawthorne Inn breakfast delighted.  This morning we were served Gregory’s recipe for poached pears in ginger a lemon, walnut sauce topped with blueberries and creme fresh.  YUM! Then more of Marilyn’s mouthwatering secret recipe granola with yogurt followed by a cheese and veggie omlet with  smoked salmon.  A hearty meal to prepare us for the fairly short drive to Hyannis.  I was worried about possible traffic as it is race week on Nantucket so we left early.  My navigator having been dismayed by getting lost several times on the journey from Greenwich to Concord, was more diligent with her focus. We arrived in Hyannis without incident two hours before our ferry departure which would have been fine except for the chilly rain.  Having nowhere to go, we flipped up the tailgate and ate the remainder of our goat gouda from our picnic the previous night, some crackers, the marzipan (which we  failed to consume the night prior) and a blood orange Pellagrino soda.


We walk in the rain over to the pier for the slow ferry to Nantucket.  There are two ferry speeds; the slow ferry which takes two hours and the fast one which travels the distance between the mainland and Nantucket Island in half that time.  The slow ferry is much cheaper and thanks to a special summer promotion, kids 12 and under ride free.  It was a no brainer choice for a struggling freelance writer.


Onc boarded, Sam I and spent one hour entertaining ourselves with various technology then agreed to play a few games of Uno. The time passed relatively quickly and Candace was at the ready with her boyfriend’s SUV to pick us up and drive us the short distance to her parent’s charming, vacation home. Post cocktails dockside at the Nantucket Yacht Club in the Panerai Promotional Tent, Candace, her beau and I drove over to the west side of the island and watched the sunset- a  red-orange ball  glowing like an ember in the bottom of a grey clouded sky spewing hot pink and red light in a vivid line along he horizon. It was stunning. Following a home- made lasagna for dinner  we went to bed early and slept comfortably with window opened to the cool night air.

It is race week in Nantucket and we are going out on a motor boat in the morning to see the Rainbow Fleet Parade of small sailboats that usher the racing boats out to the start of the Opera House Cup course.

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