Salsa Dancing in Charlottesville this Friday night

I have started going to a Salsa dance class on Sunday nights at Rapture in Charlottesville and ADORE it!  The Salsa community is fun, spirited and varied ethnically and socially.  There is a lesson from 8 to 9pm and then dancing until whenever (I don’t know because I usually poop out between 10 and 10:30 – I get up so early). Anyway, Butch, the organizer of this party sent an email today  saying that Conjunto Sason will be playing at the Pavilion in C-ville as part of the Friday after 5 concert series.

Click here for information on the concert.

Here is a copy of Butch’s email (I assume it is OK to post since it is a mass email):

Hello everyone,
This Friday, July 27th, our own salsa band, Conjunto Sason, will be headlining Friday’s After Five at the Pavillion on Charlottesville’s downtown mall. You can get details and directions at the link below.
It’s been years since it started as The Charlottesville Salsa Club Allstars, and the years have been kind to the band! The current combo of musicians may be the best ever, and Oscar knows how to pick songs that make dancers sweat. The music will be hot, and the weather forecast is the same; dress for heat (maybe put on your Cville Salsa Club teeshirt if you have one), also wear shoes for dancing on concrete.
Tell your friends.
See you there!
Butch Bailey
You betcha, Butch!  Thanks for sending this.

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