Dirty Barbie tonight at The Corner Store in DC

Sat, 21 Jul,
8 PM

Sun, 22 Jul
4 PM

Theater – “Dirty Barbie and Other Girlhood Tales”
written & performed by Denise Stewart
A return engagement of this hilarious and fearless performer.  If you missed the show earlier
this year, catch it now! Denise Stewart’s one-woman storytelling show explores the author’s
strange southern childhood. With the help of her alter ego, Dirty Barbie, Denise puts the “fun”
back in “dysfunctional” as she spins tales on scarlet fever, scotch over ice, and what happens
when girls gone wild grow older and wiser.  Audience reaction to the premiere in
North Carolina: “Worked the gift shop tonight during the first performance of the show.  I sat
in the gift shop, and could hear people laughing, laughing, laughing. Everyone I spoke to as they left said it was great…” from the Looking Glass Artist Collective blog “Dear Denise
(Denise Laughlin Stewart), I saw Dirty Barbie last night and loved it! To invite an audience
to see you perform your own life on stage is remarkable. Your talent, as a performer and writer,
makes for an engaging, entertaining evening.Your energy and generosity with your audience is
awesome! …” Sam Post
$15 w/ RSVP
$20 at door

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