Oh, Oh, Oh Bama


Apologies for simply posting this press release but I am still recovering from a stomach virus but really wanted to get this posted. I am unsure why the pics did not come up when I cut and pasted this but they are hilarious!

click here to see more of his pics

Robin Macklin:  Oh, Oh, Oh Bama

Recent Photographs

Thursday July 19th 2012 through September 5th 2012

Charlottesville, VA-  FIREFISH Gallery will be showcasing the work of photographer Robin Macklin.  This exhibit features a terra cotta Chia Obama (from the Chia Pet line) carefully placed in various settings.  The photos range from comical to inflammatory.  Macklin describes the series as a non-partisan illustration of many of the forces and decisions that have defined President Obama’s first term in office.  He states: “I have found that these images serve as a mirror, as people see in them what their party allegiances predispose.  Some see ruthlessness where others see justice.  Some see incompetence where others see bold innovation.  Others just see a chia pet that was photographed by some crazy guy.”  At any rate the exhibit begs the viewer to recap Barack Obama’s first term of presidency and gain political perspective from a timeline of events.

Robin Macklin is a freelance photographer and writer based in Charlottesville, VA.

For additional information about this exhibition please contact 

Sigrid Eilertson: co-owner of FIREFISH Gallery at 434/984-1777 or sigridanne@hotmail.com or visit us online at firefishgallery.com

FIREFISH Gallery is located on the historic downtown mall at 108 2nd St. NW, Charlottesville, VA.  



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